Our philosophy

Checkmate Lacrosse

At Checkmate Lacrosse, our philosophy revolves around the belief that every player can benefit from a strong foundation in the fundamentals.

Too often, young players develop their lacrosse skills without proper guidance, leading to the formation of bad habits that can be difficult to break, holding back their full potential.

Players will perfect the proper stick handling, throwing, catching, shooting, dodging, scooping, and defensive techniques.

A core belief of the Checkmate Lacrosse is that players learn more when they have fun. This results in a perfect balance of fundamental instructional drills and spirited competition to ensure maximum participation and improvement.

Best Learning Practice

We are firm believers that the best way to learn position skills, is by mastering specific situations and reactions through real game scenarios. We will drill players through real situations that arise in each position, as well as the best reactions to set them apart. Players will learn from both an offensive and defensive perspective, giving their game a well-rounded perspective.

Body and Stick Coordination

To master lacrosse, you must first master the art of stick handling. Players will learn the proper way to move with a stick, coordinating their body and stick movements both with and without the ball. This foundational knowledge is necessary for success. 

Real Improvement

We believe that attending Checkmate Lacrosse Camp is only the first step in player improvement. Real improvement comes from the application and practice of the skills taught at camp. To support our players, we send them home with stick drills in areas that need work, to help them perfect their craft.

Character of A Camper

Character of a camper is just as important as the ability of the camper. We require that our players treat their instructors, as well as each other, with respect. We expect hustle, motivation, and proper behavior at all times. These principles will serve them in camp, and the rest of their lives.